Aside from dog breeding and homeopathy, photography has always been one of my favorite passions. I got my first camera when I was 12 years old but it was not until the advent of computers, internet and digital photography that I got as obsessed to photography as I am now. Though I also liked working in a dark room on black and white photos, it was the digital cameras that made it possible to experiment a lot more without having to pay for films and paper. It is also much more enjoyable to sit in front of a computer with dogs around, listening to music and working on photos, only getting up now and then to put some wood on the fire.
After I moved from Germany in the fall of 2006, photography has been a very important part of my life here in Upstate NY. So many new impressions, new birds and wildlife and much more snow than I was accustomed to, all perfect settings for my passion. Later in the spring and summer, flowers and perennials began to bloom and new birds came visiting. The amazing caterpillars had changed into colorful butterflies, dragonflies returned from their journey, and last but not least, these little creatures which make the impression of Eden complete, the hummingbirds.
I decided to create a photographic diary for friends and website visitors to enjoy. I will try to publish a new album every month, in the hope to share the feelings I had when I took them.



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